About the Indian Restaurant Diwali

Welcome to the Hindu Diwali Restuarant

The Indian subcontinent contains a large amount of land inhabited by a variety of people. There are fourteen major languages and hundreds of dialects.

Your kitchen matches this variety, making it completely impossible to represent. We can only say, as a general rule, the further south, the food is spicier.

In the restaurant Diwali aim to provide a very simple approach suitable for all those who do not live in India but, however, are interested in taste so special and tasty food.

… Enjoy our specialties!

Area and Location

c/Marqués de la Senia, nº14, CP 07014, Palma de Mallorca

Hours open to the public

Every day except Tuesday: 13:30 h – 16:00 h and 19:30 h – 00:00 h

Tuesday: 19:30 h – 00:00 h


You can download the menu with our dishes in PDF format.

Phone Numbers for Reservations

Telephone in the restaurant: 971 28 55 18
Mobile: 695 50 57 40

Pictures of the Diwali Restaurant


Review of our Customers

Restaurante Hindú Diwali. c/Marqués de la Senia, nº14, CP 07014, Palma de Mallorca.
Teléfonos resevas: 971285518 o 695505740. Más información en info[@]resturantediwali.com
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